Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe, NV

Homes in the community of Glenbrook have emerged as some of the most sought after and exclusive real estate opportunities in Lake Tahoe. These homes have been built with luxury in mind. No detail has been overlooked. Beautiful views and quiet surroundings are yours when you decide to own real estate in Glenbrook.

Glenbrook is one of the most exclusive areas on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. It started as a lumbering settlement in the late 1800’s to furnish lumber to the Comstock mines in Virginia City. Glenbrook was later known as a summer resort to the rich and famous. Rita Hayworth, President Rutherford B Hayes, General Ulysses S. Grant, and Clark Gable were some of the elite who took refuge in the Glenbrook Resort area. Glenbrook is proud of it’s historic past. Some of the buildings, including the Lakeshore House, were restored to their original grandeur by the R.T. Nahas family of the Glenbrook Company. The Lakeshore House is now on the National Historic Register as Tahoe’s oldest standing hotel.

Today, Glenbrook is a private, gated community on Lake Tahoe nestled in the Sierra mountains. Many of Tahoe’s greatest estates can be found here. Only 150 of the 730 acres that make up the Glenbrook community have been developed leaving plenty of undeveloped natural beauty which is what attract people to this exclusive region. The undeveloped land provides ample opportunity for hiking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. Glenbrook homeowners are entitled to become members of the Golf Club and Tennis Club. A private sandy beach is available to Glenbrook residents complete with a pier and boat buoys. Glenbrook residents also enjoy seasonal events and activities throughout the year such as the annual Fourth of July Parade.

When you own a home in Glenbrook, you also own a piece of the Lake Tahoe experience. Considered by many to be the outdoor recreational capitol of the world, Lake Tahoe offers something for everyone. Whether you enjoy eating at nice restaurants, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, skiing, or just relaxing on a warm sandy beach, Tahoe accommodates all lifestyles.

Real estate in Glenbrook consists of attached town homes, detached cottage homes, custom homes, and a very small number of customer home lots. Home Owner Association Dues apply. Contact Charlene Meenan for more information. She would love the opportunity to show you any of the condos or homes for sale in Glenbrook.

Unique Lake Tahoe, NV Communities

Cave Rock Estates : This community is located above Hwy 50 on the uphill side of Lake Tahoe. Custom
homes in the area enjoy spectacular lake views and sunsets across Lake Tahoe.

Elks Point: This gated community is close to everything yet offers the privacy of a homeowner’s beach, clubhouse, and yacht club. Whether you’re looking for a lakefront estate or an Old Tahoe style cabin, you can find it in Elks Point.

Granite Springs: An upscale community located in the Middle Kingsbury Grade area. Mostly larger estate homes with great views of Lake Tahoe.

Hidden Woods: Some beautiful Tahoe large estate homes are located in the hills of Hidden Woods. Whether you’re looking for a large Lake view estate or a secluded forest view villa, it can be found in Hidden Woods.

Lakeridge: Upper & Lower Lakeridge is located along Hwy 50 between Zephyr Cove and Glenbrook. Half of the community is on the lake side of Hwy 50 and the other is upslope from Hwy 50. It has a private beach and a wonderful community pier. 

Lincoln Park: The historic Lincoln Highway ran through this community and is one of the older communities at the lake. New construction is popping up everywhere but its old Tahoe feeling is evident throughout the community.

Logan Creek/Cedarbrook:  Logan Creek is located in the Glenbrook area across Hwy 50 from the gated community of Glenbrook. This exclusive neighborhood offers some fabulous lake and forest view homes as well as small private beach.

Lower, Middle, and Upper Kingsbury Grade: Kingsbury provides its residents with easy access to Heavenly’s, Nevada base lodges. In addition to its excellent location, you can find everything from great lake views to ski-in/ski-out condos. 

Marla Bay:  A delightful, mostly undiscovered lakefront community with historic 1940’s cabins blended with newer homes. It is primarily a summer home community.  Marla Bay has its own private beach, pier and buoys.

 Round Hill:  It is close to everything Tahoe has to offer. There are some affordable homes, and some incredible lake view properties. Round Hill has a lot to offer its residents with a community shopping center, a new Safeway and it’s just minutes to a lakefront Nevada Beach State Park and the casinos.

 Skyland:  The lake side community of Skyland has long appealed to many East Shore Residents. It is more of a family friendly community than most lakefront communities. In addition to the home owner’s beach, this community offers most of its residents, nice sized level backyards with magnificent boulders and tall pines.

Snug Harbor/Tall Pines:  This is a secluded lakefront community that has been built up with mostly large homes and larger lot sizes than traditionally found in Lake Tahoe.

 Uppaway:  Located just south of Glenbrook but outside the gates lies Uppaway. Many Lakefront and beautiful lake view homes can be found in the gated community of Uppaway. This area boasts of incredible views within a tranquil setting.

 Zephyr Cove:  Zephyr Cove is a small lakefront community next to Zephyr Cove Lodge, camp ground and Marina. It is a quaint area of mostly small 1940’s cabins.

Zephyr Heights/Zephyr Knolls:  This community is located in the hills above Hwy 50 and overlooks beautiful Zephyr Cove. Many of the homes in this area offer beautiful Lake and Mountain views.

Genoa, Carson Valley NV

History Of Genoa and the Carson Valley
Carson Valley, Nevada, is Nevada’s birthplace. Nearly one hundred forty years ago, emigrants on the way West, pony express riders, gun-slinging bandits, miners, brave pioneer women and ranchers traveled the last segment of the California Trail between Salt Lake City and Sacramento. Momentarily, this isolated valley entered the mainstream of national history and commerce. Many vestiges of that robust era are still here today and are symbols of that pioneer spirit.

Today, Carson Valley is home to 21,000 people. The valley is dotted with picturesque ranch houses, surrounded by stately cottonwoods and lush meadows. The Carson River winds along the valley floor. Protected by the 10,000 foot Sierra Nevada to the West and the 8,000 Pine Nut Range to the East, the valley enjoys a mild climate. Summer days in the 90’s are buffered with low humidity; winter sunshine keeps the temperature in the high 40’s. Average yearly precipitation is 19 inches. The climate provides just enough contrast for perfect year-around living.

At the heart of the valley are the twin towns of Gardnerville and Minden. Located 44 miles south of Reno and 14 miles south of the state capitol of Carson City, they provide a lovely, lively oasis close to urban centers but far enough away to allow residents a rural lifestyle. Gardnerville, established over one hundred years ago, began as a 7.5 acre tract on the East Fork of the Carson. It prospered and grew as a commercial center for the shipping of agricultural products by freight wagons to the mine fields. Gradually, Gardnerville became a major center of social, political and economic life, eclipsing the smaller villages on the western rim of the valley. Minden was a new planned community in 1905, located just north of the already established Gardnerville. Laid out in neat blocks around a central town square, even today, Minden resembles a tidy European village. Minden was built as a terminus for the Virginia Truckee Railway to serve the livestock shippers of the valley, the largest of which was the H.F. Danberg Land and Livestock Company, the major landowner in the valley then, and now.

On the western perimeter and in the Sierra foothills is the town of Genoa, the first permanent white settlement in Nevada. Earliest reports of this area date back to 1826, but 1849 is the year that Mormons arrived from Salt Lake City to establish a western outpost for Mormonism. They erected a one-acre stockade to protect themselves from Indians and renegade white, planted crops and did a thriving business. In 1857, the Mormons were recalled to Salt Lake City, but by this time, the community was established. By 1860, there were 1,000 permanent residents, and, for the never-ending stream of emigrants, five hotels, ten saloons, six blacksmith shops, three restaurants, a bootmaker and two livery stables. Genoa was almost totally burned in 1910, and the few structures that remain form today’s downtown nucleus. Today, over 20,000 tourists annually visit Genoa’s reconstructed Mormon stockade, the courthouse museum and the oldest saloon in the state of Nevada.

The immigrants of the 1860’s moved slowly along the California Trail by twenty-mule teams and stagecoaches. A whole day could be spent just waiting to cross the Carson River at the Cradlebaugh Bridge, a scene of mass confusion with line-ups as far as the eye could see. Today, Highway 395 makes the crossing without incident. Highway 395 is the four lane main road from Reno and Carson City, bisecting the valley on its way to Gardnerville and Minden.

Still in its developmental stages is the Douglas County Airport, a prime candidate for light industrial and high-tech installations. Two runways measure 7,400 feet and 5,300 feet, placing the facility ahead of the Carson City airport in number of runways and runway length.

In the past, the emigrants trip up the Kingsbury Grade over the Sierras was fraught with difficulty, the climb from the 4,600 foot valley floor to the over 8,000 foot summit taking its toll on travelers. Today, the trip takes about twenty-five minutes, placing Lake Tahoe, with its casino nightlife and entertainment, beaches, boating and skiing at the Carson Valley’s backdoor.

Dr. Eliza Cook and The Old Park Estate was one of the prime participants in the Carson Valley’s history. It promises to play a significant role in the future, as well.

Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV

Incline Village, Nevada is situated on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Both the climate and the community are what attract people from all over the world to its beautiful beaches and mountain trails. Real Estate in this area does not last long. There are no bad areas. Homes and condominiums alike enjoy great views and are all within close proximity to the many amenities that Incline Village has to offer.

Incline village began as nothing more than a steep grade up which a double track tram line hauled logs to a V- flume destined for the mines of Virginia City. Tram line and flume remains can be found in the area of Mill Creek. Due to the steep nature of the terrain, the loggers moving the timber called the area Incline and the name stuck. A small settlement was established to support the loggers throughout the end of the 1800’s. By the end of the century, the Incline area, as well as other areas around Lake Tahoe, had been depleted of their timber resources. Incline had been reduced to a clear-cut eyesore. The loggers abandoned the area and Mother Nature set about repairing the damage.

In the late 1950’s, 9000 acres were bought in the Incline area by the Crystal Bay Development Company for the purpose of developing a master planned community complete with manicured beaches, a ski area, and a golf course. The 1960’s saw the construction of this community that the Company decided to call Incline Village as a nod to its humble beginnings. In 1968, after the golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones had been constructed and both the elementary and high schools had been opened, the development changed hands and was taken over by Boise Cascade Corporation. The late 1970’s saw a renewed interest in the area as more people decided to live in Incline Village on a year round basis.

Today, Incline Village is a bustling alpine community. It is the Lake Tahoe community closest to Reno. It is home to the newly renovated Hyatt Hotel and Casino and the Crystal Bay Club. No matter where you are in Incline Village, you are only minutes away from Lake Tahoe. The residence of Incline Village enjoy affordable tickets to the Diamond Peak Ski Hill and exclusive access to the many private beaches and parks in the area. Incline Village is only minutes from the Sand Harbor Recreational State Park which hosts Shakespeare at Sand Harbor every year. There are numerous seasonal events and activities in the area including the annual Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast hosted by the North Tahoe Lion’s Club and the Memorial Day I-Can Run benefit for the Children’s Cabinet of Incline Village. The 480 inches of snowfall per year allows for plenty of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, and other winter activities. Once the snow melts and the beautiful summer days take over, residence enjoy hiking, biking, golfing, boating, rock climbing, and anything else they can think of.

Incline Village residence are a diverse group with a strong sense of community and they take pride in their area. They participate in Lake Tahoe conservation projects such as the annual Xstream Clean and the recycling program. The Incline Village General Improvement District ensures that all the recreational facilities such as Diamond Peak, both Robert Trent Jones golf courses, and the Recreation Center are kept in pristine order. Rest assured that Incline Village is kept beautiful all year round.

If you are looking to buy a home in a quiet area that enjoys year round resort style activities, Incline Village may be the right choice for you. I would be happy to help you find the perfect home in this perfect area. If you have questions regarding Incline Village, do not hesitate to contact me. I have been living in this area for many years and would love to show you why owning real estate in Incline Village is the smart choice.